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This is how the current setup:-

  1. This website ( is hosted on GitLab Pages.
  2. The source repo still on Github -
  3. We use GitLab mirroring functionality to mirror the Github repo on GitLab -
  4. Every hour, GitLab will check on Github if there’s any new commits on the master branch.
  5. If there’s commit(s), GitLab will pull it and trigger a CI build.
  6. The CI config for building this website -

The main difference between GitLab Pages and Github Pages is that the former use the integrated CI to build the page. This mean we’re free to use whatever static site generator that we want instead of just limited to Jekyll on Github Pages. On top of that GitLab Pages also support HTTPS on custom domain ! You can see the new domain with ssl settings below:-

This of course require a browser/client with SNI support.

This image showing the CI runner building the page:-

Written on March 7, 2016 by kamal
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